Paul Y. Lee, DDS (retired)

Meet Dr. Lee

dr paul yeeWhen I was at USC dental school, I was fascinated by the dynamic changes in the oral cavity and related structures. It became my mission to constantly seeking to understand more about the human body and the necessary procedures to achieve the best possible results for the individual.

This mission was not carried out until after I had completed 6 years of practice in general dentistry and then going back to University of Pennsylvania to pursue my training in orthodontics.

Over the course of my career, I have always been thinking about this mission and my interest in all phases of orthodontics. More recently (for the last ten years), there were two main topics that were of interest me:

1) How to treat cases with compromised bone support?

2) How orthodontic treatment affects patient with compromised airway?

Fortunately, after long term efforts, our office has been recognized by the local community and I have two publications in The International Journal of the MEAW Technic and Research Foundation in December,2006 and in the PCSO Bulletin Spring 2012 related to orthodontic treatment for compromised (limited bone support) cases.

You are very much welcome to visit our office so I can share with you the information I have gained.

Professional Presentations & Activities

Dr. Lee’s most recent presentations include:

July 17, 2013

“How Periodontist can help in treating compromised orthodontic cases”
At Country Inn and Suites in Sunnyvale, CA

October 26, 2011

“Orthodontic Treatment for patients with limited alveolar bone support”
At Orthodontic Department, UCSF

March 30, 2011

“Non-Surgical Lower Jaw Advancement”
At Dr. Paul Lee’s office in Milpitas, CA

March 28, 2011

“Impacted Cuspids, Bicuspids and Molars
At Dr. Paul Lee’s office in Cupertino, CA

February 28, 2011

“Orthodontics…straight teeth, improvement or profile and more”
At Silicon Valley Dental Study Club

February 8, 2011

“Indications for Early Treatment”
At Dr. Paul Lee’s office in Cupertino, CA

Past presentations also include:

“Some Important Concepts in Orthodontics”
At Pursuit Study Club in Sunnyvale, CA

“Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic Procedures”
At Silicon Valley Dental Study Club

“Root Resorption in Orthodontics and Treatment of Various Malocclusions by Means Of MEAW Therapy”
At Multiloop Edgewise Archwire Technique & Research Foundation